Australian Search Dog Federation

Regulating canine teams in Australia under one National Registration and Accreditation scheme.

A Short History of Search Dogs in Australia

In June 2012, the Hon Tony Abbott and Hon George Brandis stated in a joint press release that if elected the coalition was committed to the “creation of an Australian Search Dog Framework which will recognise and coordinate the resources and efforts of volunteers who work with search dogs across Australia”. 

On the 24th July 2014, a meeting took place in Melbourne with many Emergency Service and Search And Rescue dog groups from across Australia. It was a start in achieving one aim which was to consolidate and unite SARR groups. Emergency Services, Australia wide, would be able to call on these groups knowing that they would be using an approved SARR standard, for each discipline.

In 2019 a discussion took place with several Search And Rescue and Recovery groups willing to work towards the unification of Search And Rescue groups Australia wide in getting Emergency Services to recognise these individual groups for deployments.

The Australian Search Dog Federation was born with the aim of being the Peak Body representing volunteers and extending an invitation to all groups or individuals to join and unite in regulating K9 teams in Australia under one National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) to benefit all Search And Rescue and Recovery groups in Australia.


ASDF was created to unite through a common cause various Search And Rescue and Recovery K9 groups across Australia into a National Body, that as a whole decide upon a unified national training standard and a national assessment standard that applies to all groups which can be examined for USAR, Tracking/trailing, Area Search and Human Remains (Cadaver) disciplines. 

ASDF works closely with all areas of National SARR groups (Police, VRA, Fire & Rescue, RFS, SES etc) in promoting the Federation as a truly unified group working to a national standard for the use of dogs in SARR. 

ASDF has Instructors and Assessors in all fields of SARR work that can assess members Australia wide. Those Assessors are duly elected by the committee based on experience and knowledge. 

National Standards for training and assessments are decided upon by the Committee from the recommendations put forward from the rank and file. 

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Driving Change

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